Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tue Aug 9, 2011

Greetings from the van, somewhere outside Strasburg VA.

Haven't been keeping up with this blog, been a long week, but will post recaps as time allows. Just did 6 shows in 6 nights in 3 states. Took some ibuprofin cause even my will to live is a little sore. En route to NYC for Thursday gig then Friday at Nascar event in Watkins Glen. Should be awesome!

Been slow going today. Pulled over in front of this Texas Chainsaw Massacre-looking house, engine misfiring or something, I dunno I was asleep on back bench. Spent an hour or so, Eric taking things apart and cleaning wiring. Got back on the road and eased 2 miles to a gas station. Guess we were running out of gas, heh. But got a new wire and Eric installed that after stopping at Subway for breakfast/lunch. Back on road and running smooth. Not sure where we stay tonight, Rob researching hotel deals. Laundry and internet are a must.

Feel pretty good, was getting very worn down from this week of gigs. Feels like gaining weight too, if that can be believed. Was about to add another notch to my belt last run, now jeans fit tight and belly feels bloated. Guess we're getting fed more this run, that and beer. Guess I'll go get some running shoes and a track suit, and a cool headband.

Just off the wire, we are staying in Harrisburg tonight. Not sure if in VA or PA. Keep y'all posted.

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