Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tues Aug 2, 2011

Tuesday morning early van call, 7:30am. Ouch. Had a 10:30 radio interview in Rochester and a lunch meetup with Phil in Albany en route to Montpelier VT.

Radio thing went alright, were on the Wease show right after some girls from the Tally Ho strip club. Okey doke. Russ stayed behind while Eric, Rob and I needed help navigating the maze of halls and office cibicles. Then in a panic realized we forgot to bring CDs... damn! Texted/called Russ who saved the day in the nick of time before we were on air. Hopefully good promo for show Friday.

En route to Bro's Tacos in Albany I texted Mike from Magnetic Eye Recordings, see about a possible last minute meetup. We've been talking for months about re-issuing Ocean of Stars and doing a follow-up, but have still never met, heh. He was down.

Eric got a shock as drving thru an intersection he popped his head up long enough to see Phil's car, not knowing we were meeting up, heh. Good to see Phil, and Bro's Tacos serves some damn good food! Met Mike, who gave me 3 MER tshirts, the new Ironweed (his band) vinyl and some burn CD's. Awesome! Chatted business and non-business but he had to run. Good finally meeting him! Now to find a cost-effective means of re-issuing OoS...

Anyway Phil directed us to a much-needed laundromat then took us for a last beer or three before hitting the road to VT. I designated myself as driver. Damn, name of brew pub we went to escapes me. Cool place. But as I took Boss Hoss rest of way to VT I realized again that i'd volunteered to drive in beautiful country at that perfect time of sunset when the light is gorgeous. Well shit. But soon sun was down, sure was a beautiful drive during the day, heh. Not as white-knuckle as the drive thru Blue Ridge Mtn, but crossing the spine of the Adirondacks at night keeps you on your proverbial toes.

Arrived into Montpelier in one piece and drove straight to Charlie O's World Famous. And just like that, we were back. When were we here last... June? July? But we walk in to Tuesday night Karaoke, and the same old guy is belting out "My Way" by Sinatra. Maybe we were here just last week. Who knows. So we said hello to all the familiar faces at the bar and dove right in to getting hammered.

Wasn't nearly as bad as Horseheads NY. But we left the van downtown to be safe, NONE of us would be driving. Let's just say we drank a lot, talked to people, some of us sang karaoke, some of us filmed it, a cab was provided to avoid walking a mile to the house, most of it uphill, and it continued for a bit back at the house. Good times.

Charlie O's def has that character. Been open since the Civil War, and still feels like a Wild West bar. But everyone is... NICE. Bunch of people from all crazy different walks of life, and everyone gets along. Very cool vibe, now one of my fave bars in America. Montpelier def has a vibe like Austin.

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