Monday, August 22, 2011

Mon Aug 22, 2011

Off day, Richland Center WI

Going to Noah's Ark water park today, should be fun. Could almost use the rest if we cancelled but fuck it we need to blow off some steam.

Burnout setting in big time. Been a long run and ready to go home. I think we have just over a week left. Holy shit, has it been three months? And now it's almost over? Wow. No wonder I can't remember where we played 3 days ago and can barely keep up with the coming week's schedule.

There are a lot of things I could be doing in downtime that I just have no motivation for. Could download/edit/post pics from my camera but barely have the energy to take pics, let alone do anything with em. Backlogged enough as is. Would be great to use camera pics for this blog rather than same phone pics I posted on FB, but phone pics more time/energy efficient way. Could be working on vid blogs but no energy and FlipShre pretty primitive for vid editing. Could be playing bass, felt great to play the other night (when? where?) for fun, but hands/forearms tired.

But we did clean Boss Hoss out yesterday, that was needed. Eric and his dad also cut/welded some sheet metal to mke a new seat mount for the passenger side. Now that seat ain't rockin bck/forth anymore. Also some new parts purchased while in town, engine runnin a little wonky. Please we need to replace the rear tire which blew out en route to NYC. Spare is pretty shot. All that will be done today/tomorrow. Clothes already warshed. Even had a bonfire last night, got great phone pics but Blogger seems to like Retro Camera better. Mah.

So yeah. Hard to fathom next week Saturday I'll be back in Austin and playing Antones. Brain hurts.

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