Monday, August 15, 2011

Thu Aug 11, 2011

New York City, NY @ Stout Bar

In case I hadn't mentioned it, en route to Rochester last week we discovered a bubble in the side of the L rear tire. Eric marked the boundary of it wth silicone to mark it's possible expansion. Got to Rochester plannin on findng a new tire and the bubble is gone as mysteriously as it hd appeared. Of course we didn't buy a new one.

So en route to NYC it decides to blow. Drivin along, then loud POP that woke me up and Rob pullin van to side of the road. Well shit. Luckily we didn't have to unpack half the van on the side of the road to jack it up. But Eric and Russ did have to wrestle the spare tire from the jaws of the fucked up/jury-rigged spare mount, took more time than swappin tires. Sure enough, tire split between the treads. Kaput.

Made it to NYC in one piece. This time at Stout we were playing downstairs (stage, lights, freight elevator) as opposed to ground level (no stage, no lights, setting up "in the way"), and Eric sang thru his Dual Professional as opposed the the extra time/effort/money of a PA rental. Sweet. Walked 19 blocks to Guitar Center on 14th Street for strings. Dean Markley Blue Steel bass sets priced to move, haven't been able to afford them in a long time.

Had a really good crowd this time. Phil and his wife there, Ben Smith from The Brought Low as well (awesome 3-piece southern rock from Brooklyn, check em out!!!) good to see him and catch up. Planned on taking it easy drink-wise as we had an all-night drive to Watkins Glen. But a drunk businessman changed all that when he started buying us round after round of shots. Uh oh. We didn't want to be rude, but damn. He got us pretty schnockered. Thanks, I guess.

We were good to go tho, Russ and I sobered ourselves up enough to be pilot/co-pilot. Drove until fog started rolling thru the hills and we found a rest stop, slept in the van. It was upper 40's and felt great.

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