Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sun July 31, 2011

Day off in Buffalo NY

Day off and nowhere to drive 10 hours to. Nice! Feels good to stay in the same place for a few. Just wished the AC in Russ and I's room worked a little better.

Didn't do a whole lot. Took advantage of the hotel wifi to get some work done on my laptop. Figured out that Retro Cam phone pics work great for this blog, but the regular phone camera not so much. Had one entry clogged like a gas station toilet and had to plunge it on laptop.

Only thing of consequence we did was Brian and his wife took us to a swank Italian place for lunch. Had a slab of lasagne about 8"x8" and 2 inches high. And I ate almost the whole damn thing. Needless to say still felt stuffed 7 hours later. Waiting for them out front of hotel saw real woodchucks for the first time, 3 of them rooting around a field by hotel. Crazy looking fuckers. Didn't see them chuck any wood, or chuck anything for that matter. But they did rear up like chipmunks when they ate which was kinda cute.

Later that evening started going thru list of artists on Agency Group website to form a wishlist of possible acts to open for, should they want to start working with us. Found some cool shit, and many bands thank God said either "electronic" or "pop" in their descriptions, as if band photos weren't a dead giveaway that we wouldn't fit. One band had audacity to claim they didn't have a bass player cause "bass is boring." WTF?!? Don't mean to toot my own horn, but I added them to my wishlist so I could how them what a real bass player could do.

Got the call at 11:45 that there would be a b-day party shindig for Rob in him/Eric's room. Sweet! There! Drank Yueglings and watched vids that we discovered researching Agency roster. Some cool and funny shit. I was pretty floored by the Melt Banana live vid I stumbled across. Just DAMN. Good times, and nowhere near the damage we did to ourselves in Horseheads few nights previous. And that was a good thing...

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