Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sat July 30, 2011

Buffalo NY, private event for company that made our stckers.

Great googly-moogly. We felt like ass next morning. Just wow. Nobody sick and vomiting, but darn close at times. That was unbelieveable. Possibly the stuff of legend. Not something we want to make a habit of tho, we're not the Rolling Stones.

Drive to Rochester was a blur. I took 2 tylenol in the AM which staved off my headache for awhile. Worn out, sore and stiff. But that's what happens when I don't stretch out befrore gigs and then try to drink like a maniac.

Rolled into the venue in good time. Was this creekside tent/pavillion/hall that is often rented for weddings. The days leading up we tried to find a cost- and time-effective way of renting a PA but no dice, so Eric sang thru his Dual Professional. Saved lots of time and money. But Brian and his wife were great as always, they really believe in the band and are awesome people to boot. Paid for 2 rooms for us not just for the evening, but for the next 2 nights as well. Wow, thank y'all so much! Good to have provided lodgings for gig night and next 2 off days. Said they'd take us to lunch next day and to tour the sticker factory as well.

But still kinda weird to play under a big circus tent alongside this idyllic creek. Even a little water feature behind Eric's amps, ha! Also weird to be hungover, stinky and setting up while families are playing bingo at the tables. Great catered BBQ and an open bar, tho none of us really felt like drinking...

But setting up Rob noticed that a rubber lug for his tom mount hadbroken. Well shit... He, Russ and I rigged it with fishing line and gaff tape. Would get thru the gig, but not much else. Sucks, cause that is of course a special order part. So we made tentative plans to remedy that in the next few off days by ordering part then finding Rob a cheap snare stand for it in the meantime. That, and a Niagara Falls trip as well!

We got a huge morale boost when Phil he superfan showed up with his dog! Awesome! Great to see him yet again, always showing up unexpectedly, heh. So he was privy to yet another facet of our live show: the low-key, playing-to-families-while-apocalyptically-hungover side. Still a fun little show. Not that many were watching us, heh. Hung for a bit afterwards and leisurely loaded out.

Were feeling a bit more ourselves finally so after checking in at Quality Inn by the airport went with Phil to a wings called the Brew Pub I believe. Delicious micro brews, but after the previous night's liver destruction we only had one beer a piece. Wings were good too. Back at rooms finally took a much-needed shower and felt like a reptile that just shed its skin.

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