Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wed Aug 3, 2011

Woke to the cat Ziggy pawing at my toes. He was tiny and crazy last time, now had grown some and feeling frisky. Slept on a matress that folded into a love seat. I didn't bother unfolding it. Felt like sleeping on a van bench seat. Eric and I up first, got to see off a kid who stayed the night, he was spending a month bicycling around Lake Ontario, and was headed back home to New Hampshire that morning. Wow.

Once all up we made the walk downtown to eat and pick up the van. Still there across the street from Charlie O's, no ticket. Ate at a crepe place, had a Greek breakfast crepe that was awesome. Got word that a local college station, WGDR had an opening and wanted us to swing by for an interview. Awesome!

Josh the music director really cool. Very knowledgeable and respectful, "gets it." Asked us pertinent music related questions rather than asking if any of us had banged a certain respected Austin singer like that guy the other day. The kind of interview that was meant to earn more fans. Really nice of them to squeeze us in that day.

Rob and Russ went to a swimming hole somewhere. Eric and I stayed back. The daily lives of "rock stars." Swimming, sleeping, relaxing, working. Headed downtown earlyish to grab dinner after loading in. Ate at Pizza Vilage, had an Italian sub that was awesome and a Greek salad, the greens that came with my breakfast crepe whetted my craving of greens and olives. Ate half the sando, was stuffed, and still starving end of the night.

Show was decent. Had hoped word had spread more, but good enthusiastic crowd. Lotta familiar faces from last time. Good times with good people, and took it easy compared to the previous night. Early-ish van call. Have been playing every show with wirless on all the time, and battery guage still hasn't moved. Starting to wonder if working properly, heh. Jumbo pack of AA's I bought pre tour will last 2 years at this rate.

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