Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mon Aug 1, 2011

Day 2 off in Buffalo NY, Rob Disaster's 29th B-day!

Thanks again to Brian and co for the rooms. Saved us a bundle and provided much needed rest. Which was good, cause when we went to pile into the van to hit Guitar Center so Rob could get the part he needed for stricken tom hardware we found the L front tire low. I found the nail, what looked like a rock in the tread made a hissing noise when I wiggled it...! Kicked it back in with my foot.

Found a cheap tire patch kit at a gas station, see if it holds. At Guitar Center we of course would have to special order the lug parts and figure out where they needed to be sent (how long will it take, and were will we be at the time...?). Rob also priced a snare stand while there. Cheapest one was $60. Ouch. But all this time we were also chatting with a local named John who plays for a metal band and does tour managing/sound/promoting. He was very sympathetic to our plight, been there before.

As we left to find a drum shop or pawn shop, he offered to buy Rob the snare stand. Wow. Tried to talk him out of, but he was paying it forward. Awesome, the kindness and hospitality of strangers is always a Godsend. And now he has some solid contacts for Austin, which he was lacking up til this point. Kindness of that sort is never forgotten, and repayed when possible. That was awesome. Thanks brother!

Of course no one mentioned goin to Niagara Falls after GC, so I neglected to bring my camera. I mean, what amazing stuff ever happens at GC or Chipotle? Had my phone camera anyway. But Niagara Falls calls for the big guns. But Eric was still filthy from patching the tire anyway, so hotel run was needed.

Niagara Falls is Niagara Falls. Has to be seen to be believed. Been there once before on tour with the Mother Truckers in 2008. Just as awesome this time as well \m/, If you have the means, go.

Later on after resting up we went to the Anchor Bar, home of the original Buffalo Wings for a b-day dinner for Rob. So guess what we had? We ate 70 of those fuckers. Excellent, better than previous place (duh, they invented them!). Towards the end of them we had to put some motivational music on Rob's phone so we could finish them, which our waitress got a kick out of. Wow. We were stuffed.

Out in parking lot on phone with Triniti was privy to an employee escorting a bum from the parkin lot. Then he was literally chased away by a McDonalds employee next door. I try to be sympathetic to the less fortunate, but roving freeloading drug addicts kinda piss me off. Just be honest and say you need money for drugs rather than a bullshit tale about trying to get home. Judging by his reception at each establishment I'd say he was a regular.

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