Friday, September 18, 2009

DAY 2 -- Birmingham AL @ Zydeco

Woke around 10am, not too bad. Nice having a porthole on my starboard side bunk. The bunk area on The Golden Goose was like a damn crypt.

View from bunk. Baton Rouge LA, I believe

It's my Birthday today!!! Woke to a text from Triniti Young followed by a call from Gina Gwen. I am 35 years old today. Wow. I feel good, mentally and physically. I still get pegged for "late 20's" so that's good. Tho I still feel a little belly/chin flab lingering from the last King's X tour... Feel good and in shape, trying to run/workout and not eat too much crap. Have some aches and pains, mainly old Tae Kwon Do injuries from my early 20's. Not playing live often as I'd like right now, that Ironclad show had my neck stiff for about 3-4 days (glad I didn't jump into the drums too, heh!). Mentally I feel good now. Have some heavy personal things to deal with that I don't want to get into. But I am doing what I love, making a living at it, and finally getting some recognition after years of very hard work.

So I am 35 and life is good.

At a truckstop just outside Birmingham AL. Load @ Zydeco in 5pm, so we'll be here awhile. Ty bought me breakfast. Thanks bro!

Ty's downsized accessory case. My birthday present to myself!


Venue alright. Medium sized room, medium stage. Couldn't use our drumriser cause if fuckin broke. Needs to be welded back together. That sucks. Also door to new trailer still kinda fucked up. Hinge messed up from being used heavily on the Warped Tour. DOor cables non functional and removed. Zydeco has a corrugated metal ceiling above the stage, concrete floor. Nice.

Luckily it started pissing down rain only AFTER we were fully loaded in and set up. That was nice for a change. Sound of the rain on the roof was like being inside a metal garbage can being sprayed with a firehose. Turned the adjoining street into a Class 3 rapids, crazy. Then it let up but sprinkled rest of the night.

Met some of Jrab's buddies in the parking lot, gave me a tiny birthday bottle of some Wild Turkey honey. Damn it was good. And probably my last clear memory of the night...


  1. Happy birthday, man, and stay safe out on the road!

  2. I was at the Zydeco show-good job on the setup/soundcheck! Awesome show all in all.. All 3 of the guys were in rare form :)