Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Woke up this morning with a cold, WTF?!? It's still summer!

Other than a cinder block for a head I feel good, been staying busy all day and not really slowing down. Not dragging ass is nice.

Spent most of this morning uploading pics from the King's X tour and putting them (finally) onto this blog. Painted Nacho's doghouse once the rain stopped, replaced my stricken coffee grinder. Made a much-needed bunch of business calls and e-mails. Damn, should have talked schedules with Brandon and Gian over the weekend re: another Red River Day Care jam, was in Corpus Christi all weekend visiting family with Gina.

And thank you Gina for buying that record player:

Over the weekend bought the Grand Funk Live Album on vinyl and a few other records (Live Cream, Bob Dylan "The Times They Are A Changin" and a Ray Charles collection). Finally listened to it yesterday and holy shit. I have been living under a rock! 2 years ago Curt from Dixie Witch suggested this and a few other records for great bass playing and tone. Why I didn't run out and immediately by this is my own damn fault. Some of the most bad ass jams ever laid down on record. The bass playing makes me jump out of my chair and go "YES!!! THAT is what I have been trying to do!!!"

**Do yourself a favor and buy a copy tomorrow**

Immediately bought it on CD that afternoon to put it into my iTunes, so I can play along using my Pockit Rockit and start learning those sick bass lines. Would have started that today but the headcold makes me not want to stand up, so editing pictures it was. Feels good to be productive tho. Looking forward to what Mel Schacher's lines will add to my own playing!

Will meet up with Triniti Young tomorrow some time to discuss/work on Room 710 book. Today forwarded her the e-mails from the online magazine I've been talking to, she's very interested and suggested some people who might also want to be involved. Awesome. Seems worth looking into.

Will be celebrating my birthday early (will be out of town with King's X next week, the 18th) all weekend with 4 nights of shows:

Velvet Brick/Thunderosa/Son Of Fire @ Stubb's and Adrian and the Sickness @ Red 7 on Thursday, Amplified Heat (Jim's B-day bash) @ Club DeVille and Super Giant @ Headhunter's on Friday with an after party in Jim's honor, Suplecs/Dixie Witch @ Emo's and Splithoof/Stone Axe/Blood of the Sun @ Headhunter's on Saturday, and the Friends Sunday Blues Jam to get some playing time in if I am still coherent, heh.

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