Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 3 -- Louisville KY @ The Phoenix Hill

Oh Good Lord I had a good birthday drunk last night.

Jrab's buddies I met were feeding me drinks all night. Before and after the show. On top of the cooler of free beer in the green room. Kind of a slow night crowdwise, but they were into it. A lot of people from the Marietta GA show last run. Had 3 beers and a Maker's Mark on the rocks (no Jim Beam). Then afterwards I had at least 2-3 more Maker's Marks, 2-3 tequila shots, a Jager bomb and a Yuengling. That I can recall. The one main guy (Jeremy?) looks so much like my bro Metal Dave from Little Rock AR I had to ask him if he had any family there.

There was a payment issue right before King's X went on. They almost didn't go on and were on standby with the crowd waiting. But eventually Gary (tour mgr/FOH) comes up shaking his head with a manila envelope full of ONE DOLLAR BILLS. WTF?!? The club owner paid us in one dollar bills. Welcome to the music business, ladies and gentlemen. They did go into an impromptu rendition of "So Far Away" off the first album, that was pretty cool.

I don't recall helping load the trailer in the rain, but evidently I did as my clothes from last night are still soaked. Jrab said they kept telling me to take the night off for my birthday but I kept trying to help anyway, heh! That new accessory box I'm keeping Ty's shit in is DEFINITELY my birthday present to myself. Holy shit it is making my life so much easier...

Woke at a truckstop somewhere in Kentucky? Thought I slept hella late but we lost an hour to Eastern time zone. Should have eaten there, we are out of bread so I ate some sandwich meat with my bare hands for breakfast.

Yesterday I was so inspired by the bathroom graffiti in the Birmingham AL Flying J that I started a new blog called SHITHOUSE POETS by which I will be chronicling bathroom graffiti from across the country. Check it out!


Wow, this place is cool. Old brick building, old pine plank floors, good sound system, decent stage. Phoenix Hill is this weird maze/compound of bars. Venue part, atrium tropical 2-level tiki bar, upstairs jungle venue with crazy plants and a huge chandalier, little karaoke bar in the back. Really cool place.

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