Wednesday, September 16, 2009


DAY 0 -- Houston TX

On the bus. Damn! This older Prevost is waaaaaaay nicer than The Golden Goose from the last 2 tours! Very pimp. We even have TABLES! And a SINK! Hell, there are windows in the bunks! No longer will I oversleep and miss any bank robberies!

SO yeah, this morning sucked ass. Gina and I woke at 4:30am to the sound of our Chihuahua FREAKING THE FUCK OUT downstairs, crying like he's caught in a bear trap. Go downstairs and his crate (we crate him overnight) is COVERED in diarrhea, vomit, shit and blood. Gina lets him out without taking the crate outside so while she is watching him outside I am inside cleaning poopy paw prints off the floor. Poor guy, even bloodied his nose trying to pry open the crate :(. We bring him inside for a bath and he seems fine. But still 2 hours before the vet opens.

I drop him off but can't sleep for awhile. Grumpy and allergies. Vet finally calls, initially concerned for blood in his stool. But blood tests were clean, something he ate (either attic insulation from the contractors yesterday or old lamb & rice dogfood I was using as a treat to get him to at least ENTER the doghouse I just built for him).

Day already started off on the wrong foot. Then Gina driving me to the desiginated Wal Mart to meet up with the bus when I realize.... wait a minute, the Wal Mart at I35 and 290 is DOWN SOUTH, and not the one up north near our house on the way to Gina's work.... SHIT SHIT SHIT!!! In a panic I call JRab (drum tech who set up the meet) and sure enough it's the south one. Fucking Austin. "290" down south is referred to as "Ben White". When I hear 290 I assume it is the 290 RIGHT BY OUR FUCKING HOUSE. But that north Wal Mart is at I35 and 183 (closeby), hence my confusion.

In a panic I manage to reach my sistah Triniti Young, after Gina has no choice but to drop me off at a Days Inn and head to work 30 minutes away--no way in hell she could take me south now and still get to the Art Insititute to teach her class. But Triniti is available and able to take me now to the Wal Mart at I35 and Slaughter Lane, even MORE far south.

But I arrive at said Wal Mart with plenty of time, throw my shit in the new bus (still thinking of a name for it.... Black Bart? The Black Stallion? Black Betty?) and give her and her friend Jen Jen a quick tour of my new pimp lodgings for the next 2 1/2 weeks.

Fuck. What a day. Already took a nap in my bunk (AC works GREAT!!!), picked up Gary the tour manager from the airport in Houston and are about to exit into Katy to pick up King's X's shit and Ryan 13 the bass tech. We will stay the night here and shove off tomorrow for Birmingham AL.


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