Friday, September 4, 2009

Weird dream from this morning:

Dreamt I was playing Room 710 (RIP) w/Shandon Sahm. Super Heavy Goat Ass and maybe Southern Gun Culture were on the bill? Was a very good crowd, type of crowds that would attend shows like this back in "the day" (mid 00's). Russell (SHGA) was warming up behind a curtain in the back and I was messin with him, singing his name like King Diamond and throwing the horns. I kept doing this, Russell looked back from the curtain a few times laughing.

Shandon playing after SHGA, thought that was weird. Worried we would clear the room. But Shandon's game plan was to play "You're Gonna Miss Me" (Roky Ericson cover) for 30 minutes as our entire set. Fine by me. Setting up was weird, Gary had his drums in the corner originally and I wondered where I was going to put my half stack. Noticed that Brent (SHGA) left his bass case along the front of the stage, hope he didn't forget it. Played and my signal was getting faint and fainter. Some stage hand guy behind me said my amp was pushing up against the PA or something cutting my power. Moved it forward and powered back up. Seemed like an eternity til it came back but it did and jumped back into the song. I was feeling it, crowd seemed into it. It was raining outside and rain was somehow coming in along an exposed AC duct, I moved forward to keep from getting wet. Thnik I even peeped outside a stage load in door at Red River street.

Tearing down after the show I was very happy to have played that stage again. Me to someone: "If they haven't changed anything since shutting it down, why the hell did they shut it down in the first place?!?" Moving gear to the side there was a girl that was I guess our new bassist. Tried to say something about the set but she and her boyfriend went off together. Wanted to get gear stowed so I could go back to the hotel.

Vivid dream, had to write it down before I forgot it. Details still coming back. Had a few others that segued from this one, involving travel and hotel rooms. Common theme in my dreams.

Yesterday re-did the bass on "Sidewinder". Sounds much more together now, might have to revise most of the rest of that material, it was recorded so quickly to get it all done by end of February (RPM Challenge deadline).

Went by Precision Camera and bought an Epson V300 photo scanner as an early birthday present to myself. Met up with Triniti with my new toy to have lunch and brainstorm on the 710 book. We are still in the initial planning stage, but things are in motion and that is good.

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