Monday, September 14, 2009

Man, been a busy and FUN coupla nights!

Just gotta say the Ironclad show on Saturday went great! My neck is still kinda stiff from headbanging, but I'll get to that!

So Friday night I was still fighting off the last vestiges of the summer cold but was in good spirits due to the last minute Ironclad show. Met up with Triniti Young and Chris (Splithoof) @ Headhunters to catch Supergiant (Albuquerque NM) on the patio. Good stuff, bluesy sabbathy groovy riffrock goodness. Didn't know White Witch Canyon was also playing, would have stuck around but Amplified Heat was playing 2 blocks away @ Club DeVille and so I split to see if they were on yet.

Supergiant @ Headhunters (patio)

And they were, playing the small inside stage probably due to all the recent (and MUCH EFFING NEEDED) rain. Got there just in time for Jim to break several strings and Gian to blow up his bass amp. Thank you good night! Wished Jim a happy birthday and bought him a rum & cranberry. He was having a birthday after-party at the Compound (east side house where he, Wade from Splithoof and JT Drunk from Dixie Witch live), wasn't yet sure if I was going to make it.

Amplified Heat @ Club DeVille

My good friend Amber (ex-Southern Gun Culture, Full Stride/Amber Lucille) was at Club One 2 One several blocks away so I hoofed it over to have a beer with her. Missed White Witch Canyon as a result, but man. Too much going on! She was checking out a friend of hers from 15 years ago, Alan Henley. Man, he and his band were amazing! Pleasant surprise, made the trek for a beer and to hang a bit and end up getting blown away. However, I think some Filipino dude was hitting on me...! He kept trying to talk to me and I literally could not understand what he was saying. Not that he had a thick accent, but it was as if he was talking gibberish. Weird. He buggered off after I repeatedly told him I was deaf and couldn't understand him. Then Amber and I were talking and he came up again, leaning on my shoulder slung camera bag like it was a table. Amber and I both got a little irked and told him "Dude, we're trying to have a conversation and you are interrupting us." He left. I don't have a problem with gay guys hitting on me (have lots of gay friends), but even if that was how I rolled, he needed to work on his game for sure...

By then it was pouring down rain, I was at 5th and Brazos and my van (Goldie Hawn) was parked a half mile away at 10th and Red River... Luckily Amber was parked a block over and gave me a ride. Still got soaked walking to her truck.

Had just enough energy to check out Jim's after party at the Compound. Talking to Gian he said he didn't have time to do Red River Day Care. Sucks, but nothing personal. Guess I will at least for now pursue the solo album side rather than a live band. Was hoping it would come together easy, but just not the right time. BS'ed for a long time with Michael Motorcyle (DJ Molly Ringworm). A chill night, and I didn't last long.


Spent most of the morning/afternoon brushing up on Ironclad's material. And goddammit, Gillian Anderson ('79 Iceman) was having severe tuning problems. Shit shit shit. Lubed the nut slots with a #2 pencil and checked the intonation. Made some adjustments and she was good to go (*phew*).

Rolled into Headhunters a little after 9pm and Happy Birthday to me! I got the front-row-Joe, best seat in the house parking space right out front! Loaded in and set up, shot the shit with Adrian Flores (Ironclad drummer) and Shea (Son Of Fire), rambling about my good fortune from the Gods of Parking. But shit -- I forgot my damn CAMERA AT HOME. SO I had to think for about 10 minutes... lose my million dollar parking space, or spend the rest of the night kicking myself in the ass for not having my camera. No brainer there so I bit the bullet and ran home.

And what do you know... get back to HH and there is a pizza guy pulling OUT of the same spot! Holy shit... to get that space ONCE was awesome enough, but to get it TWICE made me want to go buy a lotto ticket! Tank (bass) and Stuart (vox) finally showed up, great to see those guys. Been awhile. We were all psyched about the show, already a good crowd. We had to chuckle cause Billy Milano (M.O.D., co-owner and sound for HH) kept telling us we were on in 10 minutes. For about an hour, heh. Finally went on and holy shit. That was one of the funnest shows Ironclad has ever played. We hadn't played together in 6 months and even WE coudln't tell! Great enthusiastic crowd even tho there were other great bills that night (New Disaster CD release at Red Eyed Fly across the street, Suplecs/Dixie Witch/Tia Carrera @ Emo's down the street). Lots of old friends and lots of new faces. Totally rocked our and their asses off.

Ironclad @ Headhunters photo by Maurice

And then was able to immediately load my gear into the van and was DONE. Nice. Stuck around bullshitting with friends and Red River family, lots of compliments. Really felt great. I haven't played my own music live in 6 months. Made sure to check out Stone Axe (Seattle WA, ex-Mos Generator), heard great things and everything I heard was TRUE. Very awesome band, early 70's heavy rock with great dynamics and a really great singer. Stooch: "Man, he sounds like Ian Gillan!" Really cool band, made sure to rub elbows with them rest of the night.

Stone Axe @ Headhunters

Ran down to Emo's to catch Dixie Witch or Suplecs (NOLA). Missed the Witch entirely, but caught a few songs from Suplecs. Bumped into Jason Morales (Tia Carrera) soon as I walked in, said they had a pretty good show. Decent crowd down there as well, which is good due to all the good shows going on that night and the rain, which scares people away. But yeah they still got it! Trinidad (DW) even got up for a tune with his bros. Couldnt stick around til the end, headed back to Headhunters to catch Splithoof.

Suplecs @ Emo's

Caught the rest of Splithoof's set, good show tho the crowd was thinning a bit by then. Guess New Disaster was on. Still a good show and good times. Splithoof always sounds a better every time I see them. Afterwards Triniti introduced me to Wade's cousin Madi, who has a degree in jorunalism and is interested in working with us on the 710/Red River book and looking into that online magazine.

Splithoof @ Headhunters

Triniti Young. Right back atcha!

A great night all around. Still had enough energy left to hit the after party at the Compound. Word was that Suplecs and Dixie Witch were going to stop by but they never showed. Another chill night there and again I didn't last very long.


The last of my 4-night Birthday Bender. Hit up the Friends Sunday Blues Jam hosted by Erin Jaimes. Had the option of hitting the Saxon Pub later that night for Amber Lucille but forgot my phone at home (Amber was going to put me on the guestlist) but I got caught up playing anyway. Alot of the usual cast of characters: Erin's husband Tom, Scott Uzwhateverhislastnameis, Wes Cargill (White Rhino), Jeff Conti, Gary Clarke Jr and his guit player James.

Got in some good playing time. While onstage with 2 guys with cool accents (Mario and Diego) about 15 drunk 21-year olds stormed the building and for about 10 minutes Friends was the most happening pace in town! Fun drunken frat girl stupidity. Then they all left as mysteriously (and noisily) and they appeared. Fun while it lasted. Stayed til closing time. Told Gary Clarke Jr on the way out if he ever needed a bass player to get in touch.

Luckily it is now Monday night and I don't feel like going out, heh! Leave for the last run with King's X on Thursday.

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