Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 7 -- off day, drive to New Jersey

Wed Sept 23, 2009

Woke at a Flying J in Pennsylvania somewhere (rolling green wooded hills, Amish guy fueling up a van). Had a fucked up dream that a guy had jumped off a building. Was behind this wooden gate in an alley. For some reason I would be the first person to view the body. Was trying to psych myself up to do so. Got a brief glimpse thru the gate. Not enough to see but knew it wouldn't be pretty (will spare the details as I saw them in my mind).

Chill travel day in the back lounge. Started a post about Chicago but deleted it. Didn't even take pictures that day if that says anything. Watched "Superbad" and "True Blood." Checked into a Red Roof in New Jersey somewhere. Walked to Applebee's with Jrab, Ryan, Dug and Robert the driver. Had a California club, my first meal of the day. Opted to relax back at the hotel after taking a much-needed shower. Needed it after the previous day.

But by end of the evening got my second wind and joined Ryan and Jrab at the Holiday Inn bar next door. When that closed took the party back to the Applebee's until they closed. I took it easy and slept great at the hotel.

We'll see how NYC goes.

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