Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 5 -- Cleveland OH @ House of Blues, supporting Porcupine Tree

Fucked up dream this morning:

Dreamt I was still living in Corpus Christi and there was a huge wildfire breaking out. I could see the huge flames and columns of smoke shooting up from Ocean Drive and they were headed due East towards Flour Bluff where I used to live, even tho the wind was coming from the North off the bay (big flag flying). Went back into the house (Gina and I's house, not my mom's) looking at the weather radar with the smoke headed this way. In a panic had enough time to throw on some clothes and drove down the JFK causeway towards Padre Island. Of course, once I got onto the road (no way to turn around) I realized I left all the pets, all my guitars, all my B&W negatives and photographs, my laptop, etc etc etc. Went to turn around at some kind of refugee camp at the chainlink gate but these 2 big biker motherfuckers with their huge pickup truck pulled in behind and weren't going to let me through. They had a doberman as big as I was and was worried they'd sic it on me.

Spent the rest of the morning dreaming about what I would grab when back at the house.

Yesterday sucked ass. Days off can be cool or crummy. Def crummy, was raining all day so no go carts. Couldn't really walk anyway due to the weather. That is where I do miss the mobility of a van. You can go anywhere and do anything, rather than be limited to doing whatever is in walking distance. SO I laid around the crew room most of the day watching football with Jrab and Ryan 13.

Wasn't a complete loss, Holiday Inn internet was fast enough for me to upload alot of pics and put them on this blog. Finally walked to an O'Charley's for dinner (only meal of the day) about 5pm. Had a greasy 3-cheese bacon burger. It was OK. Later on the three of us finally walked to a nearby Kroger's for a beer run but they were closed. Luckily as we turned around Gary and his parents drove up in their mini van and took us to a Meijer's instead. His folks are a trip, really nice people and a funny as shit couple.

And that was really about the extent of what we did that day. Laid around the rest of the night drinking beer and watching these awesome Pacific Ocean docos on Discovery Channel. Livin the dream, baby! Since Ryan and Gary were sleeping on the bus I took the other bed in the crew room. Why let it go to waste? Wonder if I woulda dreamt the same shit on this bus...

Today is the first show of the run supporting Porcupine Tree. Hopefully their crew is cool, and that we had 2 shows to get warmed back up setting up King's X's gear. Still raining this morning on the way to Cleveland.

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