Thursday, September 10, 2009

Goddam, still battling this summer cold. Bleh.

Got a message today from someone named Gary from Florida and something about a run of shows. Got excited thinking it was a band opportunity, but it was Gary the tour manager for this last run with King's X looking for JRab. Talked to him for a bit, seems like a good dude.

Heard back from Cale from Low Desert Punk Records today, said Brant Bjork is interested but it's more about timing than cost. Scott Reeder got back to me saying his recording schedule is pretty open but said there is a fire near his SoCal property (helicopter flying over on his message... damn!). My bro Rhoades D'ablo sent me Chris Goss' email so I can inquire into his studio as well. So I have some possible Desert Rock connections for the Red River Day Care material... if I can get the cash would be awesome to record some songs out there with Brant, maybe record the other half here in town with Brandon (Son of Fire) as well. Make it a true full length release. Why the hell not? (Oh yeah... money. heh!)

Started learning some bass off the Grand Funk Live Album. Hella fun shit! Played some guitar as well, going over RRDC stuff and learning some Charlie Daniels Band. Played drums for about five minutes, but with the damn cold my energy level is kinda down.

SO we'll see if I will make it out tonight for Velvet Brick/Thunderosa/Son of Fire @ Stubb's and Adrian and the Sickness @ Red 7...

However, IRONCLAD might be playing Saturday. Chris from Splithof called saying Blood of the Sun dropped off the Headhunter's show on Saturday (damn!) and he needs another band ASAP. Stuart is down, Tank is down (but no time to practice), just need to hear from Adrian. I'm going to be at that show anyway, be cool to play as well!

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