Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 11 -- Boston MA @ House of Blues w/Porcupine Tree

Sunday September 27, 2009

Woke at a rest stop somewhere outside Boston. Was initially confused by the big McDonald's trashcans in the parking lot when viewed through my porthole (and those damn Mormon Baits videos last night). Bought more band aids for my stricken fingers and a chocolate milk for nutrients. Went back in to grab some food (rather than make it myself, aforementioned stricken fingers) but the only thing appetizing from one of the many fast food mini-chains within they were out of. Nice. Weather turning sour. Also nice.

The Boston House of Blues is across the street from Fenway Park, which I would have thought was cooler if we didn't have to immediately load in the rain. Jrab showed me the ropes of setting up/tearing down Jerry's drums, mainly the marks on the cymbal stands for the angles and what goes where. The only things that had me concerned (set up Jerry's drums many times on my first tour out of necessity after Jrab wound up in the ER w/the flu and bleeding ulcers 3 shows in...) were the monitor extension and Jerry's in-ears. Jrab's trailer keys were missing from last night, Jrab and Ryan tore up the bus looking for them since Ryan had them last (last night). On a whim checked the pocket of my hoodie in the closet since things that are mysteriously missing tend to wind up there. Sure enough, I had them...!

Late in the afternoon and I'd been sustaining myself on cigarettes and choclate milk. No food in the upstairs dressing room. Or mirrors, or showers for that matter. Printed signs for which room goes to who said either "PORCUPINE TREE" or "SUPPORT". *sigh* The PT crew and band guys have been really nice, guess any weirdness is coming from higher up the totem pole. Finally a PBJ on the bus, starting to feel weak.

Catered food finally delivered upstairs and was able to eat a full meal before we got onstage. Grilled catfish with pasta and salads. Was OK. Took a few pics of the Black Panther and Fenway Park during a lull in the rain. Got onstage with just enough time to soundcheck, and I didn't have any time to touch anything drum-related. An hour later King's X went on and again knocked em dead. Subbed "Black Flag" for "What Is This" since it was a more famous song. Could kinda tell the guys were struggling a bit, but that's only cause I see them every night, heh. On "Lost In Germany" you could clearly hear Dug singing "shit shit shit" instead of "dit dit dit" and he spaced a bit on the sermon but pulled it together. Writing out Ty's setlist Jrab made all the song titles taint-related (inside joke). The look on the kid's face when I gave it out after the set: priceless!

King's X

"Hey Ty!" *click*

Porcupine Tree

After the show Ryan and I met up with his friend JP who took us over for a quick tour of the Berkelee School of Music (he works there). Cool old downtown, rain finally let up. He gave us a whirlwind tour of digital and analog studios, labrynthine hallways and finally to his office for a gift: 2 big ass bottles of Victory Golden Monkey trippel boc. Awesome! Took it back to the dressing room to partake. Ty and Jerry up there talking about the new website Ty's working on. Before we dispersed to the bar wound up with Jerry talking to 2 of the Porcupine Tree guys and hung in their room a bit. As a crew guy passed by Jerry a wineglass fell and broke. Jerry was moritifed and apologetic (and comic), even tho I don't think it was his fault. A loveable goofy drunk, that Jerry Gaskill.

Wound up at a bar next door with Wilson, Ryan and JP. Gary came in upset about business stuff but didn't really join in. Dug came by for some drinks as well. Night ended quite blurrily. Ryan had to get JP a cab. And Wilson and I took an end-of-the-night cab ride to a convenience store for smokes. We could have walked it but never would have found our way there (or back).



Ryan 13 and JP



Drunkest. Wilson, Gary, Ty and Wes from PT aboard the Black Panther. Don't recall taking this one...

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