Friday, August 28, 2009

Awesome. Had the first jam with Gian and Brandon for Red River Day Care yesterday.

Sounded good, went well. They seem really into it. Worked on "Laguna Madre", "Cuauhtemoc" and "Sidewinder" ( Will have to tab the bassline for "Great Divide" for Gian, pretty all-over-the-place. Weird hearing these songs played by other people, heh! Am used to hearing them a certain way and will be giving some direction, but at the same time I don't want to step on too many toes and not let them sound like themselves. Haven't heard back from Adrian Conner yet. Thinking of some other guitar players just-in-case cause I know she's busy as hell, but still my main choice for obvious reasons (check out Adrian and the Sickness live, seriously).

Today posted a "bass seeking session work" ad on Craigslist, see if I get any nibbles. Bills to pay, and session work is something to really look into as a bass player. Also responded to a CL from someone in Richmond VA trying to put together an online magazine. Sounded worth looking into.

Editing pics from the King's X tour right now to (finally) post in this blog, will throw some up on myspace/dannygrocks as well. Tonight will probably go see Weedeater and Dixie Witch at Red 7, maybe see what I can of The Sword at Mohawk. Or stand outside and listen, heh.

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