Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day 15 -- Charlotte NC, Amos' South End

Man Amos' is a nice place, sounds like it was recently rennovated. Nice big stage, good sound system, high ceiling with a balcony around most of the venue. Plenty of loaders, sounded great onstage. Right now already a crowd. But yeah, another caster coming off one of Ty's cabinet cases, the one that's already missing a wheel. Go figure.

Been feeling out of sorts all day, hangover from last night. Guess I drank a few with J Rab when I got back to the bus as well. Took a long nap this afternoon, don't usually do that. Dreamt I was sitting in the front passenger of the bus and there was a skylight. Bout the only dream I've had lately.

Think I'm getting a little burned out, don't feel like walking around, taking pictures or writing. Nice downtown tho, looks like alot of condos are going up in Charlotte as well as Austin. Haven't had to say anything to any opening bands lately so that's good. But did have to tell the drummer from Last Perfect Thing (Kevin) not to use Ty's fan (on drumriser), not that I can ever position that damn thing in the right spot anyway. Not sure who felt worse, him for having moved it or me for having to say something, heh!

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