Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 6 -- Scranton PA (day off)

Not sure what we're doing today, I think parking by a mall/hotel and just chilling.

Yesterday was weird. King's X at a prog festival? A venue filled with chairs? The geek factor was very very high, like a rock n roll Star Trek convention. Crack The Sky was right before King's X, didn't get to watch them much but sounded great from the backstage hallway.

Funny how brutal downtime can be. Doing absolutely nothing wears you down way more than busting your ass all day. Doesn't make sense. But yeah, after sitting in the bus all day and the occasional walk to the merch area to hang with Wilson (merch guy) to break the monotony, at about 7pm we finally dropped the trailer and piled everything into the back hallway. To wait longer. Actually curled up for a nap on top of Ty's big fucked up guitar accesory case.

But finally we were able to then load on stage. Nice big stage, hardwood instead of piss-and-beer-soaked carpet. Had to turn it down of course, heh! But King's X def saved the day and brought the rock. Got everyone out of their fucking chairs too, so that was awesome.

Driving through rural Pennsylvania right now, fucking beautiful out here. So green it almost hurts my eyes (used to drought-ridden Central TX and stunted trees).

Drinker Street. Nice!

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