Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Home. Finally unwinding and getting settled back in.

Went running with Gina and Nacho this morning, that felt great. Got me more focused, that's for sure. Slept like shit. Again woke in the night not knowing where I was for a bit. Bedroom fan and AC made me think I was in my bunk on the King's X bus right before I fell asleep, woke me back the fuck up. Monday night I woke pawing at the nightstand not knowing where I was.

Played drums for a bit, guitar for an hour + and ran over some Eric Tessmer stuff on bass. But BD Riley's has been canceled for this weekend. Suck. But Eric's after-party will still happen, heh! Might as well.

Hope to hear back from Gian Ortiz (bass, Amplified Heat) here soon re: jamming tomorrow around noon. Brandon Burke (drums, Son Of Fire) is down, at the very least I'll bring him over and jam in the dining room. Trying to get Red River Day Care rolling, not sure this music will even work live. Need to find out, and soon. Haven't heard back from Adrian Conner (guitar, Hell's Belles/Adrian and the Sickness) about her availability for September yet. Need to think of some "plan B" guitarists just in case, as she is very busy.

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