Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day 18 -- Fayetteville NC, Jester's

Dreamt a bunch of weird shit this morning, slept fitfully. Dreamt that Tool was playing this big weird theater, doing a set like a ritual in an Egyptian temple. Wondered what the set looked like from the theater balcony. J Rab was playing one of the many drumsets onstage. Then was walking and fell into this big open sewer pit on the stage. Never heard him hit the bottom. Stage workers were trying to rescue him, almost getting stuck into it themselves, one helping the other out. Both covered in shit. I wanted to help but didn't know how. Dreamt that Gina had not cleaned the litter boxes or house since I was gone, litter boxes filled up and litter all over the floor. Think I even put off being intimate to go clean the kitchen, weird. Dreamt some other things I now can't recall. Damn bus internet, would have written sooner but was acting pissy.

Jester's seems like a cool place, more up Ironclad's (one of my bands) alley. Good sized stage, square as opposed to rectangle. Just did soundcheck, about to go eat. Have not eaten all day.

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