Monday, August 24, 2009


Showered and all my road laundry is almost done. Still waiting for Gina to get home from work. Haven't seen her in 3 weeks.

Doldrums already kind of setting in... sort of wandering around the house wondering what I should do. Put my shit away and got laundry going as something to do. Need to stay busy and stay focused, got alot going on.

That and I need to go running and working out ASAP. Bottomless cases of free Corona and post-show pizzas every night (thank you Tazz!!!) on the bus got me feeling a little flabby. Checked the scale and I'm up to 170 from the lower 160's... damn.

May have an introductory Red River Day Care jam on Thurs, still checking schedules. Will need to practice guitar tomorrow for sure. Eric Tessmer wants to practice Friday before the Saturday BD Riley's show, so I'll need to practice bass as well.

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