Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 14 -- Charlotte NC (day off)


After a leisurely day off went out with Nate and Mark from the band Husky. Good dudes, great catching up with them. Met em in person at Stoner Hands of Doom IV festival in 2007. Goes to show posting on StonerRock.com discussion forums isn't a total waste of time, have met some great people there. But had 5 more beers on top of the 5 I had before dinner. Something anchor was the name of the bar. Cool little part of Charlotte.

Nate and Mark from Husky

Last night went pretty well. Peppermint Beach Club not so great a venue, but show went great. Good crowd, no sound problems. But had to crouch next to Ty's rig, no other room onstage. Procured 2 pencils from the house cook, as some of the strings are "sticking" in the nut. You can use the pencils to "lube" the nut as the pencil "lead" is high in graphite. In Poughkeepsie sprayed some contact cleaner into the volume pot to remedy some scratchiness. The Guilford is giving me more trouble than the custom guitar Ty was using last tour. Have a way better handle at loading new strings, but still not sold on the bridge cinfiguration. Strings seem real loosey-goosey on the saddles, but Ty is never out of tune.

Peppermint Beach Club, Virgina Beach CA

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