Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 13 -- Virginia Beach VA, Peppermint Beach Club

Just took a walk along the beach. Probably went to this beach in my childhood (raised in Norfolk) but nothing looks in any way familiar. Venue pretty small and tiny stage. We'll see how it goes. They had to move some of the lights so they would point at Dug and Ty rather than the tops of their heads... But damn. We have to head to Charlotte tonight so Ty's lady can fly back home. Would have been AWESOME to have the day off here tomorrow. Beach party!!!

Zach made sure to ride this thing at the nearby amusement park.

Family portrait: Jan (FOH), J Rab, me, Wilson, Zach

Come showtime, this is pretty much how I felt!

As for last night, what a difference a working PA makes. Yesterday in Poughkeepsie was much better than the previous night.

The Chance is this weird old 1920's theater with balcony and gilded ceiling. Weird shape but it works. Downtown Poughkeepsie seems quaint but is pretty rundown, lotta shady characters out and about. Load in thru a trash-littered brick alley. Plenty of helpers tho. Tagged the back load in door and stuck an Ironclad sticker on the electric meter housing next to a Red Giant sticker.

Poughkeepsie NY

The Chance Theater

Show went without a hitch, good crowd too. Not as good as previous night, but at least everything fucking worked. But ran into a snag trying to leave the club. Gary and Tazz spent literally an hour inching the bus/trailer back and forth, having to get the angle just right to the millimeter due to this fucking pole. He finally had all crew get out and help push the trailer. Yes, we had to jack the trailer up and push it sideways a few inches to get it past said pole. When we finally managed Tazz wrote on it with a silver Sharpie: "I FUCKING HATE YOU." Evidently he's had trouble with that pole many times in the past.

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  1. That last words about the pole made me smile. :)