Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 20 -- heading home, tour over

Been driving all night from Nashville, en route as I type. Will be good to be home. Have one more run with King's X for 2nd half of September, have alot to do in the next 3 weeks while I'm home.

To Do list:

-Get with Triniti and Asher and continue preliminary work on the Room 710 coffee table book

-Talk to Dean Markley re: string endorsement

-Talk to Brandon and Gian Ortiz re: starting Red River Day Care jams.

-Call Scott Reeder re: recording at his studio if Brant Bjork is involved. Know I can't afford it, but if I have a budget to send to prospective labels, might generate a little interest... Talked to Ty about his studio but he does more mastering now instead of tracking

-Get Troy Lucketta's info from J Rab and look into that.

-Shandon Sahm is working on doing a show or 2 in Amsterdam around Nov 6th for Doug Sahm's birthday. Just waiting for confirmation and how much plane tix will be.

-Keep my ear to the ground for bill-paying projects and worthwhile things, also try to write some new music.

-Have one show with Eric Tessmer, sounds like he wants to practice. Will miss the next Mother Truckers Antone's show in Sept, out with King's X again.

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