Monday, August 31, 2009

Working on music right now.

Re-arranging and re-recording "Great Divide" for 2 guitars so it can be played with Red River Day Care. I was worried it wouldn't translate as well since there are 3-4 guitars going on in the original version, but it sounds really really good! Coming together quite easily.

Last night went to the Friends Sunday blues jam to play some bass. Good to see Erin Jaimes and the gang (Scotty, Paul Webb, Doug Day, etc). Haven't gone to play it in 2 months or so, ever since getting the King's X hookup. Trent and Amber (Amber Lucille, Full Stride, old SGC bandmates) even came out later, that was awesome. Have never played bass with them, heh. Hung with them and Doug for a bit at the SRV statue after closing time, very nice night.

Friday night went out bar-hopping, my first time on Red River since Room 710 closed down. The Sword playing a sold out show at Mohawk. Weedeater and Dixie Witch at Red 7. Broken Teeth and High Watt Crucifixers at Emo's. Busy night. Didn't see too many of the usual suspects. Bumped into Jim (Amp Heat) walking up Red River, hung with him alot of the night. Red 7 inside turned into kind of a game room, can't remember last time I was there. Emo's looked much the same.

My first time seeing Dixie Witch with JT on guitar instead of Clayton. Holy shit! Have been wondering if after 10 years maybe Dixie Witch was past their prime, but man they are stronger than ever. Clayton is Clayton (a bad motherfucker), but JT def brings a different energy and hams it up more. Great addition.

Iron Age @ Red 7. Dug em, VERY tight


JT Drunk-Witch rocks in his socks

High Watt Crucifixers were fucking awesome, my first time seeing them. Them and DW def made me think "Man, maybe I'm playing the wrong shit!" heh. I love that feeling. Weedeater fucking slayed as usual. Dixie Dave (bass/vox) had a 5 gallon Home Depot bucket next to the mic stand just in case he threw up (his vocal style often causes him to do so). During Dixie Witch some drunk idiot tried to stage dive but instead belly-flopped onto the conrete. Then tried to start a fight with some guy, who finally popped the drunk before security broke it up. Drunk thrown out. Not the show for that man, everyone else was there to have a good time. Later wound up next to the other guy and stuck up a conversation. He's Shaggy from Bay of Pigs. Listed off the bands I play in and he said "I have a Southern Gun Culture CD in my car right now!" Said they were playing Sunday @ Darwin's, would have liked to be there but didnt make it. Missed Broken Teeth @ Emo's watching Weedeater. Well shit.

High Watt Crucifixers

Drunk guy (L) gets a much-deserved punch in the face

Dixie Dave of the mighty WEEDEATER

Saturday night went to Headhunter's for DJ Molly Ringworm, a tongue-in-cheek rave thing that our bro Michael Motorcycle has been doing. This time was old Metallica songs re-did by him as instrumental Depeche Mode-esque synth pop, him decked out in a hula outfit with blue DayGlo body paint and a blacklight. Good times! Hung with Chris (Splithoof) and Triniti Young (710 coffe table book partner), shot the shit with J and Kristen from Sabbath Crow.

DJ Molly Ringworm

Afterwards took Chris and Triniti to Eric Tessmer's "after party" (supposed to play that night at BD Rileys, after party planned, show cancelled, party held anyway). Slow night at Chez Tessmer, just his roommate and some of their friends, watching YouTube videos and drinking beer. We arrive with Jim Beam and wine. Since he lives around Slaughter and Manchaca thought better of opening my Jim Beam since I still had to drive. Good times tho, watched more YouTube videos and talked gear. Partying like rock stars, aw yeah.

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