Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 19 -- Nashville TN, Mercy Lounge

Jester's show was alright. Almost ran off with another bands' casters. Standing at the merch table with Wilson noticed something on top of Ty's rack before bands started to play. 4 brand new casters...? Seemed to recall the sound guy (BB) joking about getting us some casters for Ty's stricken cases. Assumed they were them and put them with my stuff. Helping 2nd band load off stage they were asking around looking for the guitar players' casters. I went and got them, gave them back and said "You're not supposed to put anything on Ty's rack." *shrugs*

Wilson hard at work @ Jesters in Fayetteville

Rob from LTP @ Jester's

Greg from LPT @ Jester's

Had to load out in the rain but no big deal. Tropical downpour before doors opened but luckily after I had walked to get Chinese food.

But the real show was afterwards on the drive to Nashville. This would be the big blowout night since this will be the last full night on the bus with the crew. J Rab was already in peak form, still partying for his birthday. So once we were done the stupidity commenced. Him and Wilson could have been a vaudeville act. The "safe word" in the back lounge was 'nutsack'. I think we all pulled some gut muscles laughing so hard. But Ty also made sure to tell me he's really happy with my handling of his gear: "I don't hae to worry about anything not working." Awesome! Will post incriminating pics when I can.

It was all downhill from here, driving to Nashville. JRab, Jerry and Ty

The JRab and Wilson Show!

Yeah, this one says it all.

Stayed up drinking all night and still woke up at 10am. First shower in 3 days, boy I needed it. The Mercy Lounge this cool old brick buliding a stone's throw from downtown and Broadway St. Some weird mini Beattles convention downstairs when we rolled in. Vendors and booths and a Beattles tribute band playing, quite good.

The Mercy Lounge, Nashville TN

When loaders arrived some prick parked blocking the load in ramp to put his merch into his SUV, neglecting the fact that the front stairs would have been a more direct route and the big fucking trailer with 6 people lugging big ass roadcases, but "we" were the pricks.

Cool upstairs room, all wood rafters and hardwood floor. Small stage but not too bad. Mark from Lava Cables gave Dug and Ty some samples, instru cable felt good but not long enough for gigging (Ty needs a 25' footer). After soundcheck marvelled at all the young college girls going to church downstairs. Nice dynamic with the big Satanic tour bus in the parking lot. Went to Flying Saucer for dinner, good bar food.

Just King's X and Last Percect Thing tonight, yay. LPT sounded great, whole room and system sounded good. Decent crowd, but the room filled up by King's X. Great show, crowd really into it. Met Mark Corrabi from Motely Crue. Afterwards schmoozed with Troy Lucketta (Tesla) about playing bass on his new project (I'd have to go to Nashville tho, heh).

JRab and John Corrabi

Good last night, damn are we done? This run went by pretty quick. Had long goodbyes in the parking lot: LPT heading back to Jersey, the bus heading back to Katy, Wilson and Jerry departing tonight for a bus ride and plane flight respectively. Lots of group shots. Good times, good people.

With Rob, Dasher and Greg, Last Perfect Thing

with JRab, Jerry and Tazz

Dug gives Jan and Tazz the finger

Which spread like wildfire

Last full family shot: Ty, Jan, JRab, me, Jerry, Tazz, Wilson, Zach, Dug and Gary (driver)


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